Thursday, January 24, 2013

Say "Goodbye" To Classic Monopoly

It always starts the same: It's Saturday night, you're at home (because you're broke, and I feel your pain), and your friends have come over. What should you do? You can either pop in a movie which is okay, but you've probably seen every one a thousand times. Ho hum. Booooring. Who wants to, in their brain, recite line for line? I've done it too many times to count. Your family/friends don't think it's fun when you do it aloud.  Oops.

A new thought pops into your head.... BOARD GAME! Hey, bring out Monopoly. Sadly, this beloved game is going to be changed. They are removing one token and replacing it with a different one. Well, okay, so my title is misleading. The game itself isn't going anywhere. I apologize. This game will still be around to enjoy many hours. Now, there have been some tokens I wasn't fond of- the battleship or clothes iron being one of them. I think I loved the dog and the car better. My dear sister and I constantly fought over the dog. Of course, like always, she'd win the control over Rover. She also won almost every game. She was a master (or is it mistress?) at owning hotel after hotel. A mogul she was.

So, how can you decide which token to save and which to replace it with? Glad you asked! Simply click over to their Facebook link to vote! (A little note here: I've included the direct link to do the voting at. This will make it easier for you!) Now, after choosing which original token to save, you have a choice between a robot, diamond ring, kitty, helicopter, or guitar to swap it with. Personally, I like the robot- but that's just me.

So, go give one of the tokens a "Get Out of Jail Free" card (see what I did there?).

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