Saturday, January 26, 2013

Geeky Nail Polish Art

Confession: I'm not artistic.
Confession: I'm jealous of those that are.
Confession: I'm a nail polish junkie.

Add all 3 of those and you get me. So, on my quest to make sure my nails look decent, I thought I should at least get some inspiration. Google came to my rescue. I will be the first to say that some of these are WAY AWESOME!

(Have I mentioned I'm completely jealous of artistic abilities?)

So without any further ado, let the jealousy begin!

*faints from way too much awesome*
I'm so doing this when I get writer's block. Get it? Write? Pencils?

Retro amazingness!
Who knew you could "play" Tetris with your fingernails? Oh wait.....

Facebook addict. Who's with me?
No doubt I'm not the only one addicted to some kind of social media.

Oh! Be still my beating steampunk heart! (Wee little note: Link is to video tutorial.)

I think I'll stop here before I start adding 5, 10, or 20 more. Now I have some nailspiration. However, due to the fact that my hand and brain don't work together as one entity, nothing will ever come close to what these lovely people have created. So, to those who have this amazing ability, I tip my hat to you.

(Another wee little note: These are not my own nails. If you saw mine and then looked back at these, you'd laugh. I'll give you a minute.)

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  1. I think the pencil one MIGHT be possible... if we're patient. LOL


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