Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geektastic Tuesday: Neato Shop

Every Tuesday, I will share what I find on my quest to geekify my house. Of course, this time I had help from Twin, who is an absolute whiz at finding the coolest websites on the planet!

I have picked a couple of items from this said-cool website: Neato Shop. This place will bring out the geek/nerd in you, and hopefully you can contain yourself. If you're anything like me, just staring at wonderful stuff makes you spend a couple hundred dollars in your head. Luckily, my fingers haven't caught onto the idea, and my bank account is safe. For the moment, at least, it is. (I'm hoping that somehow, it stays that way. Time will tell, though...)

So, I've recently started watching The Big Bang Theory. How little did I know how much I would laugh with this show. I'll be the first to confess: I always saw the words "Soft kitty, warm kitty...", but I didn't know it was from TBBT. I just thought it was a cute little poem some internet person made up. (This doesn't hurt my geek rep at all, does it? Well, I found a kitty for you guys.............
Squee!!! It's adorable!
Welcome the Soft Kitty Plush Backpack! I so want one, and I will so get one in the future. You are on my wishlist, soft kitty!

I'm not sure why, but lately I've been feeling nostalgic. I think of the times when I was young enough to not worry about bills, and "What happens if this happen?" or "What happens if that happens?" A vicious cycle it is! Remember back in the day when video games were pixelated? Legend of Zelda comes to mind. But what if you wanted to turn your office into something of the past?
Woah... time warp!
Is it just or is anyone else expecting the clock to smooth out into a round-ish clock? Just me? I thought so.

These are just 2 items you will find among a billion (exaggerating a bit there) at Neato Shop. By the way, check out their Valentine's Day gifts, you will fall even more in love. Too bad they don't sell Johnny Depp. I would be all over that in one single jump. *dare to dream*

Disclaimer: In the next Geektastic Tuesday, I will execute this a little better. I'm still smoothing things out here.

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  1. I love the clock! Too bad we already have enough, otherwise I'd so get it!


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