Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fighting The Bronchitis War

For the past 1 1/2 to 2 weeks, I have been coughing up a storm. I've had this problem enough times in my life to know exactly what it is- bronchitis. A few weeks ago, my sister ended up in the hospital due to a staph infection. That's a longer story on it's own I most likely won't tell you about. But anyways, on her last night at the hospital, I went home and started feeling "icky." I had a small cough, and my body was starting to feel like I had run a 100 mile marathon. I just chalked it up to being completely exhausted, and worrying about Twin.

The night she came home from the hospital, that's when I knew something was wrong. I was nauseous, my body hurt so much more, and all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn't hold down food or drinks that night. My first thought was, "The flu? No! I can't be getting the flu! SAVE ME FROM THE FLU!" (I've become somewhat of a germaphobe....). Over the next few days, I'd use every tissue in the house for my poor nose. I'd sleep practically 24/7, and my concentration span is that of a fly. Believe me, it was pure hell.

After 3 or 4 days, I start feeling better- but realize I'm getting a cough. It's odd, during my time of the severe cold, I didn't have a cough, and it's what started it all! (But I digress...). The cough has turned into bronchitis, which I am taking care of with cough medicine and stuff to relieve the yucky, gunky stuff. I'm less-coughy during the day. However, when nighttime comes? Watch out! It comes back with revenge in it's eyes!

I always keep something cold nearby. If my throat gets dry, it gets irritated, and that's when it starts up again. Somehow, it's a vicious cycle I'll be glad to see go.

Moral of this random story: Wash your hands. Make sure you aren't around sick people.

This has been a public service announcement brought by yours truly.

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