Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dun Da Da... It's Anxiety Girl!!

Welcome to the non-crime fighting superhero. Okay, I'm/She's not a superhero at all. In fact, the thought of stopping a villain scares the yoga pants off of me. I've decided to forgo the tights since tights would most likely make me look like a frog- skinny legs and a round top. Not a cute look.

So, I thought I'd go into a little bit about my anxiety. Or, mainly, make fun of it. Both seem plausible. (Hopefully it doesn't come out as a big mess that I have to later clean up...)

I was originally going to save Anxiety Girl for a Sunday Funny. Let's face it, it is funny if you suffer from an anxiety disorder and know exactly what she's talking about. We tend to jump to conclusions. It's worst-case scenario for us. Of course, every one has different triggers. Lately, mine seems to be everything.... Stress will definitely make it worse- and it's hard to do when you live in this world. You turn on the TV, and BAM! The news just drains all of your energy. For me, personally, I think the world is coming to end. Hey, how many times has it supposedly ended so far in the last 5 years?

Every day is a struggle getting out of bed. You have no idea what that day will bring. Will you have a great day? Or will Mr. Doom and Mrs. Gloom come to visit? Although they seem nice, watch your back. They have stealthy ninja skills, and once they creep up on you, you're on Anxiety Highway. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Yeah, I didn't think so. There's no excitement- except maybe when you've got an adrenaline rush so fast you end up turning your music loud and dancing like a dork. That's right, I said dork, and I plead the fifth. I have no problem admitting that once I've calmed down, I dance my heart out. Or sing my heart out. Both equal fun, fun, fun! (Until your sister stares at you like you're some weirdo...)
They exist!!
The good thing about being Anxiety Girl? I get to wear a kick ass cape. Now, I just need a sidekick- like Batman and Robin. Any takers?

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