Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Braaaains... AKA The Walking Dead

So maybe the zombies don't actually say "Braaains. Must have brains." They growl, moan, groan, and and shuffle their feet to whatever target they've locked their "eyes" on- and it's usually one of the good guys.

By the way, is it safe to mention that I have a huge crush on Rick Grimes? That rugged handsomeness. Those piercing eyes. The awesome fact that he'd protect anyone near a horde of walkers. That just makes him even more attractive. Oh, we can't forget the fact that he was a sheriff before it all started. (Oh what the heck. Here's a picture of him. Enjoy!)
Drool worthy!
I've recently come across a link where you can zombify yourself. What? You can actually turn yourself into a zombie? Well, not a real-life zombie. You can turn your image into a walker. It's really, really cool. Because I am so addicted to the show, I had way too much fun with this. I will warn you, if you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip this. The eyes are quite grotesque- it's completely awesome!
It is on Facebook (like most things these days....), so just keep that in mind.

Now, go turn yourself into a zombie and share your pictures! (If you have the ability to...)

Who'd like to see mine? I'll share it anyways.
I think I'm ready to be a walker!

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