Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Searching I Will Go....

So, I've been in a shopping-type mood lately. Well, it's more like "shopping" and "gifting" mood. If I find something I think Twin or Mom will like, I put it on my wishlist I've made for them. Believe me, that list is about 500 miles long. It's come to my attention that someone special wants a book that is hard to find. (At least on Amazon it is...) Now, this book has been around this earth for centuries. If that doesn't give you any indication of what it could possibly be, then I don't know what will.

Nowadays, the younger generation doesn't read the classics, and this is what makes me sad. Who remembers this book?

I think I remember reading this every time I was in the school library. I wanted to be in the chocolate factory!! This particular book I have no problem finding, but it isn't the one I'm searching for. Let's just say that the book I'm looking for? It set the pace for Twilight. Yes. That classic! If anyone finds it, let me know???

Now, onto the other searching item. While my sister was in the hospital, they gave her this big sippy-cup like thing. Okay, it's an oversized mug. Or is it an oversized cup? Oh gosh, I don' know. All I know is that it has a place for a straw and I want one!! At this moment, I am using a plastic water bottle to hold my water in. (I like to stay hydrated.) So, I was hoping to find one similar to hers so I wouldn't have to continue to use said water bottle. 

If only I knew the technical term for the darn cup!!!
(Wee little note: Thank you for allowing me to post a random... err... post. Random thoughts ran rampant in my brain!)

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